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Behavioral Analysis: Target Behavior and Interventions

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1) Design a study where more than one behavior analytic method is used to change or modify the behavior as part of the intervention.

2) Discuss the subjects, the target behavior and the combination of interventions that were used to change this behavior.

3) How might you go about completing a clear component analysis for this study?

4) What might you change in terms of how you implement the behavior change plan to get a clearer picture of what is really going on in your study?

5) What are some ethical or practical concerns?

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Design a study where more than one behavior analytic method is used to change or modify the behavior as part of the intervention.

A combined Reward Program and a Token economy program a good behavioral modification approach. For example, rewards can be given in the form of special commendations that elevate peer status, affirm the student personally, or inform parents of special achievement. Such commendations are designed to make the students feel proud of them in the hope that such pride and good will then translate into improved participation at school. The most common kinds of awards are (1) special awards given in awards assemblies, (2) commendations sent home, or (3) honors and awards within the classroom. In another example of rewards, "preferred activities" can serve as rewards in the place of tangible reinforcers. For instance, research has shown that preferred activities can help to effect the radical alteration of a child's behavior. For instance, a learning-related activity preferable to a student could be used to earn rewards (Positive classroom discipline).

Token economies are based on principals of operant conditioning and the Token Economy is a system of behavior modification through positive ...

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This solution discusses the use of combined approaches in a behavioral modification intervention.

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