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Unintended Behavior Change – Discussion and Interventions

Unintended Behavior Change - Discussion and Interventions
1) Select a scholarly, peer-reviewed research article where a behavioral analysis procedure for change was used, and an unintended behavior change occurred.
2) Did behavioral contrast effects occur in this study?
3) What could you have done differently to plan for any unwanted effects ahead of time?
4) Would you recommend a different behavior change tactic, and if so, which ones? Why?
5) Any ethical, practical or social-cultural considerations which may be of issue in this study?

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Consider these books if you are looking for ideas, case studies/research articles:
1. Block, M. E. (2007). A teacher's guide to including students with disabilities in general physical education. Brookes Publishing Company. PO Box 10624, Baltimore, MD 21285.

2. Kazdin, A. E. (2012). Behavior modification in applied settings. Waveland Press.

i) For instance, in the school setting where the new policy is inclusion, ...

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