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EBD Assessment Benefits

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In planning instruction and interventions for students with EBD, assessment is one of the most important steps. Why? What types of assessment can teachers of EBD students benefit from the most?

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According to Bakken, et. al., IDEA's evaluation requirements consist of the following:
1. The need for a variety of assessment tools and strategies to gather all the relevant information that are academic, functional, developmental and which include information provided by parents. Assessments include procedures that will help the team not only determiine eligibility but also the student's assessment needs. Among these assessments are functional-based assessments, interviews, and observations.
2. The team should use more than one assessment procedure as no single measure should be a basis for eligibility or for an appropriate program.
3. Technically sound instruments are important in assessing ...

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This solution of 456 words discusses the IDEA's evaluation requirements, key areas in implementing the assessment and functional behavioral assessment (FBA). References used are included.

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