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    Emotional Behavior Disorder assessments

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    1. Recommend assessments that are stable and do not need change.

    2. Recommend assessments that need some change and what the changes would be.

    3. Recommend assessments that need to be discontinued and why they need to be discontinued.

    Use the column headings provided below to organize the information and include this in your report.

    1. Assessment Instrument

    2. Summary/Procedures

    3. Reliability/Validity Data

    4. Age Range

    5. Assessment Strengths

    6. Assessment Weaknesses

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    Review and summarize five assessments commonly used for identification and determination of EBD used in schools or by private practitioners.

    1. Assessment Instrument
    The Strength and Difficulties Questionnaire, The Behavior Assessment System for children, Behavioral and Emotional Screening System, The Student Risk Screening Scale, and Reviewing data are kept in schools in regard to office discipline referrals, suspensions, ...

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    Emotional Behavior Disorder Assessments