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    Disability characteristics

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    I need help with High-Incidence disabilities review. Here is the list of covered materials for my review questions this section.

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    Describe and discuss:
    ? The characteristics of students with communication disorders: stuttering, aphasia, lisp, dysfluency, voice disorders, cleft lip and/or palate, deafness, tourette syndrome: from Web site http://www.as.wvu.edu/~scidis/comm.html , if you want to read more.
    ? What are characteristics of the disability? A difficulty formulating speech that can be understood clearly, to the point that marked difficulty in communicating with others using speech is experienced, sometimes both in producing sound and in interpreting sound, sometimes only one of the two.
    ? What are the interventions for the disability? Generally, special accommodation in school. Speech therapy, most commonly. Surgery, hearing aids, other accommodative devices.
    ? What are the potential causes of the disability? Genetic defect, illness or disease, trauma, learned behavior
    ? Describe the eligibility criteria for the disability. This is generally a medical diagnosis, a clinical difficulty with speech.
    ? Describe instructional techniques for the disability. Use of adaptive strategies and technologies, such as text to speech software, or speech to text software, can be instructional tools. Other strategies include phonics instruction, focusing on sound production and recognition. Written information instead of verbal to accommodate the difficulty.

    ? The ...

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    characteristics of various disabilities, with traits and intervetions