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    How would having a student with a disability affect your classroom environment?
    Describe five characteristics of a student with a learning disability.
    In your opinion which one of these characteristics is most handicapping for the student?

    Create a 10- to-12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation on students who are Developmentally Delayed.
    The presentation needs to include a brief overview of the disability and more importantly it needs to include a list of classroom accommodations and/or modifications.

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    The characteristics of learning disabled students covers a lot of ground, since there are so very many disparate learning disabilities to consider. These various disabilities require various accommodations in the classroom, which is why Special Eeucation students come to the classroom teacher with an IEp which delineates the particular accommodations necessaqry for that particular child to succeed. Even two children with the same disability may not have the same accommodations, due to personality traits that vary from child to child. Each child is an individual case - why it is called an INDIVIDUAL Education Plan (IEP).

    To narrow down my list of characteristics for handicapping conditions, which covered far more than five, I did some Internet searching for scholarly articles on this subject. The one I liked the best as a resource for this question comes from the following site, and is an excellent scholarly resource for any paper you might eventually write on this subject.

    http://www.pepperdine.edu/disabilityservices/students/ldcharacter.htm has this to say on the subject:

    Disability Services
    Characteristics of Students with Learning Disabilities
    Typical characteristics of students with LD are listed below. These characteristics, taken independently or in combination do not necessarily indicate a learning disability.
    Confusion of similar words, difficulty using phonics, problems reading multi-syllable words.
    Slow reading rate and/or difficulty adjusting speed to the nature of the reading task.
    Difficulty with comprehension and retention of material that is read, but not with material presented orally.
    Difficulty with ...

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