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    Raising Disability Awareness

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    For this assignment, you will explore disability areas to increase awareness regarding the characteristics and educational needs of each area. The disability areas that will be explored are learning disabilities, emotional/behavioral disabilities, intellectual disabilities, and autism.

    For each disability area, find one source specific to the disability (i.e. children's book [list available in Table 1.1 in Chapter One of the text], journal article, multimedia resources, advocacy organization websites, professional organization websites/articles, scholarly websites, etc.) and explain what you learned about the disability and how that information will impact your teaching practices. Also, how will you specifically leverage your new awareness to influence the awareness of other colleagues or students in your school? Your paper should be two- to three- pages in length and must be APA formatted. You must also include at least three references, in addition to the course text.

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    Excellent Resource: www.autismsciencefoundation.org/science-journals
    Characteristics: A student with autism who requires special education will meet ALL of the following characteristics.
    • Insistence of sameness
    • Difficulty expressing needs (pointing instead of speaking)
    • Laughing or crying for no obvious reason
    • Difficulty in socializing with others
    • Unusual responses to sensory experiences
    • Little or no eye contact
    • Obsessive attachment to objects
    • Non responsive to verbal cues as if deaf
    Educational need for children with autism
    • Structured routines with as little change as possible
    • Reduction in classroom distraction
    • Keep questions simple and avoid open ended questions
    • Use simple vocabulary (kiss = Keep It Short & Simple)
    • Reword the question if the child does not respond to the initial question

    Specific Learning Disability
    Excellent resource: NCLD Website: http://www.ncld.org/
    Characteristics: A student with specific learning disability who requires special education will meet all of the following characteristics.
    • Difficulty producing sound
    • Hoarseness in voice
    • Lacks oral expression
    • Lacks basic reading, writing comprehension or mathematical calculation for his/her age group or to meet Virginia approved grade level standards
    Educational need for children with specific learning disabilities
    • Non-standardized testing
    • Remedial education and scale
    • Modify test and assignments, which can include instruction ...

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