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Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

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Why should an emotional or behavioral disorder be considered a disability? Why do you think some people argue it is not a disability?

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Emotional or Behavioral Disorder (EBD) is characterized by a difference in the emotional or behavioural responses in the school activities which are inappropriate of the student's age and these responses adversely affect his or her academic performance as well as his or her social, vocational and personal skills.

Children with EBD exhibits one or more of these characteristics:
- difficulty keeping good interpersonal relationships with peers or with their teachers
- an unexplainable inability to learn
- inappropriate behaviour or feelings in normal situations
- display pervasive unhappiness or depressive mood
- tendency to develop unreasonable fears, pains or physical symptoms due to school or personal matters.

EBD can co-exist with other types of disabilities.

It is necessary that ...

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