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    Attending to Children with Emotional Disorders

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    Describe your plan of action to address the needs of a student with emotional and behavioral disorders in your class.

    Where do you begin? What resources are available? What skills do you need?

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    There are many kinds of emotional and behavioral disorders in children but when these disorders are detected earlier and given immediate attention, they can be remedied. Children with these types of disorders may exhibit inability to learn that is hard to explain why in terms of health, intellectual, or sensory factors. A child may also be unable to build good relationships with her classmates and teachers. Sometimes these children demonstrate inappropriate behavior, feelings or reactions under regular circumstances. At times, an emotionally disturbed child displays an on-going mood of depression or he or she may develop physical symptoms and fears associated with school problems or even personal life.

    There is a need for the teacher to detect early signs of depression among her students. There are warning signs that a child is in a state of depression that cannot be ignored, e.g., hopelessness, overwhelming sadness, decrease in motivation, change in appetite, or energy level. Teachers need to be alert of these signs and take action. There is a dramatic change in the academic and behavioral performance of a child ...

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