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Disabilities in the Workplace

As an HR manager, what advice would you provide to a company you have researched to effectively reduce barriers to people with disabilities? Include suggestions.

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First let me notify you that, throughout this solution you will note that Boeing was used an example to show that it has embraced disability as a significant component of its diversity program. When I visited the company's website, I found out that the company has Disabililty as a part of its diversity programs. The following passage was noted on its site:

"We understand that our view of the world is just one of many, and that others see and experience things in different ways. We can recognize and respond to those varying and valuable perspectives. One example of many in the area of diversity is our commitment to the employment of qualified people with disabilities. For some people, in certain circumstances, a physical or mental barrier due to a disability may impact a person's ability to perform job functions in the usual fashion. Boeing reviews such situations individually and coordinates accommodation arrangements and education programs that work to eliminate barriers and best access individual skills and abilities in the Boeing workforce."
Source: http://www.boeing.com/careers/culture/diversity.html

To confirm that Boeing does embrace disability as a part of its diversity program, I read further of a particular situation where an employee of the firm, James Harper, has a physical disability and he stated that he enjoyed minor accommodations when he first started as an Accountant with Boeing some 34 years ago. He was given the closest of handicapped parking and hourly breaks to ease the discomfort in his legs. And now, Harper is given even ...

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This solution provides you with information as it relates to diabilities in firms. In particular, Boeing was used in the solution as an example of a firm that has embraced disability as a significant component of its diversity program. To the end of the solution information was provided which relates to actions which a company may take to effectively reduce barriers to people with disabilities. Additonal links and references are also provided in the solution.