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    Accommodating employees with disabilities

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    Please assist me with these two questions with examples.

    1.What are some challenges that employees have who are disabled on a day to day basis?
    2.What are some special accommodations if any do employees with disabilities have within the workplace setting?

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    Employers' organizations and business networks can play a major role in providing technical advice and services that help employers to hire, manage and retain employees with disabilities (ILO, 2011).

    Tools and equipment that are easy to use for the 'regular' persons pose a real challenge to people with disabilities (PWDs). Driving a car on the way to work is not easy for them. Using the computer keyboard designed for everybody in the workplace is a big challenge to PWDs. Notwithstanding their disabilities, they must be given work because "there are also wider benefits for the economy when disabled people are in work, with a reduced reliance on State benefits, and the talent pool is broadened simply by supporting disabled people to ...

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    Disabled employees face a lot of challenges in the workplace. This posting identifies various accommodations in the workplace that are available to them.