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McDonalds & Disability Policies

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Course Description
Examines laws and regulations impacting rights and responsibilities within the employee and employer relationship.
Topics include common law principles, discrimination, wage and hour law, National Labor Relations Act and other labor
and employment laws. focus is on federal laws governing employment.

Course Textbook Walsh, D. J. (2013). Employment law for human resource practice
(4th ed.). Mason, OH: South-Western

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McDonald's Disability Policies
I reviewed the McDonalds (2011) Standards of Business Conduct handbook and the company's health information (2016) for information on the company's disability policies. In part, I did this because of an article I read about a woman with Down Syndrome who recently retired from working at McDonalds for 32 years (Bowerman, 2016). At the time, I was impressed with the story and it led me to seek employment at McDonalds as a responsible place of business. McDonald's has a firm commitment to providing equal opportunities for all people.
Walsh (2015) describes discrimination as "the limitation or denial of employment opportunity based on or related to the protected class characteristics of persons" (p. 63). Walsh explains the definition of protected classes, including a disabled people, from the Americans with Disabilities Act. McDonald's policies outline that the organization does not allow disparate treatment of any kind.
The McDonalds (2011) Standards of Business Conduct handbook states that McDonalds "provides equal treatment and equal employment opportunity without regard to ethnicity, color, religion, gender, age, national origin or ancestry, physical or mental disability..." (p.18). The handbook further explains that this policy applies to all stakeholders: employees, applicants, independent ...

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