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    KFC in China for Global Business Opportunities

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    For KFC to effectively launch their restaurant in China provide details for the areas listed below:

    Identifying Global Business Opportunities
    Analyzing International Competitors
    Assessing the Economic-Geographic Environment
    Assessing the Social-Cultural Environment
    Assessing the Political-Legal Environment

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    Global Business Opportunities
    Chinese consumers have more spending power but at the same time they do not devote too much time on cooking. Hence, the fast food market has ample opportunities for growth. The Chinese food service market has recorded double digit growth since 2003. The industry which was at Rmb2,000bn or $303bn is expected to grow to about Rmb3,000bn by 2014. Due to influx of venture capital and private equity funds in recent years, Asian fast food chains have become increasingly competitive. As a result global brands are running into local chains that have good branding and have funds to go national. At the current level of the growth, China offers huge growth opportunities for both international and domestic players.
    Analyzing International Competitors
    The competitive environment of fast food chains in China is very aggressive. International fast food chains in China are challenged by lower cost local upstarts. Western companies are facing competition from Asian counterparts. As of now China's passion for Yum foods continues with KFC overlooking many others in the market.
    Dicos: Dicos is riding high on the world's second-biggest economy and is expected to be dependent on Chinese market for half of ...

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