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    International Legal Operations

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    Phase 2
    As you recall, we are working on a course project. The final deliverable of the course project is a detailed memo that you will prepare, outlining the opportunities and constraints of establishing operations in another country from a legal perspective. There are three parts to the project.
    For this assignment, you are looking at Phase 2 of the deliverable. This phase includes the development and submission of a working draft of the memo that was started in Unit III. The memo must be three to four pages, thorough, and it must be well cited with current references to support key points.
    As a firm considers expanding into another country, there are many things that must be resolved. It is useful to consider the five Ws and H: who, what, where, when, why, and how:
     Why are we considering this expansion, and does it fit with our strategy and operations?
     What are the tasks we will be doing in this country?
     Where will we locate in the country?

    The country that is being used is China and the company is Zaxby's chicken restaurant.

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    who, what, where, when, why, and how:

    The who part of the equation is very important for the Chinese marketplace as many foreign companies that enter China's business market are not aware of the significant cultural differences that exist in the workplace for Chinese employers and their foreign counterparts. In reference to the Chinese market, it is very important that personal contacts are developed and built before Chinese business professionals and partners will accept a foreign entity. Therefore, it will be necessary for the organization (Zaxby's) to first send their professional team on a trip to China to meet with prospective partners and establish a personal relationship with the partners in China. This is a time-consuming process and is counter to the well-established model in America, where Zaxby's hails from. Nevertheless, it will be imperative for the organization to establish personal contacts with business partners inside China before they explore even greater options such as where to bring the business and who to hire to run the business.

    The business culture in China is more open than America, which requires leaders to get to know employees as a person while also ...

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