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Normal and Abnormal Behavioral Assessment

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Give a comparison of normal and abnormal behavior, drawing from your original definition of abnormal behavior, and the definitions put forth in the dictionary. Point out any challenges you might see in using these definitions to guide the assessment of clients.

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Abnormal behavior in the psychological sense is primarily modeled on the medical model that proposes that abnormal behavior is a disease. Conversely, normal behavior is that behavior based on principles and/or rules that is acceptable behavior. The terms mostly used to describe abnormal behavior in mental illnesses refers to psychological disorders and psychopathology, with pathology indicating a manifestation of the disease (Weiten, 2004). In his discussion of abnormal behavior, Weiten formulates his description of a mental disorder from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder's definition that is used to explain abnormal behavior or psychopathology. For example, the DSM-IV-TR sets forth a definition for abnormal behavior based on the belief that the concept of a mental disorder lacks a conceptual operational definition that covers all situations. Further, the DSM-IV's definition ...

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The solution provides a definiton of abnormal behavior, and compares abnormal and normal behavior.

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Perception of Behavior

What criteria would you include for evaluating whether a person's behavior is normal or abnormal?

Select one behavior you might see in a client and how that behavior might be perceived differently in the following contexts:

* Different time periods (for example, 1900 A.D. and 2000 A.D.).
* Different cultures or social groups

How can personal values or personal beliefs impact the way in which one views a client's behaviors, thoughts, or emotions as being normal or abnormal? Use examples to illustrate.

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