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Definition of teaching

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In conjunction with our focus on "some basic terms," in a 1.5- to 2-page paper respond to the following:

What is teaching?

Please examine the research done by J. S. Atherton (which is in the Background section) as you reflect on what teaching means to you.

Atherton, J. S. (2011). Learning and teaching; What is learning? [On-line: UK] retrieved 14 August 2013 from http://www.learningandteaching.info/learning/whatlearn.htm

Use at least 3-5 references to scholarly literature. The references should be properly cited in the text and the reference section. Remember, Wikipedia is not considered an acceptable resource for academic writing.

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What makes great teaching? Academic Journal Education Journal , 11/3/2014, Issue 214, p16-17, 2p
What Makes an Excellent Teacher? An Analysis from the Teaching Evaluation. Academic Journal By: Shishu Zhang. Academy of Business Research Journal. 2013, Vol. 1, p35-47. 13p
What is 'good' teaching? Teacher beliefs and practices about their teaching. Academic Journal By: Devine, Dympna; Fahie, Declan; McGillicuddy, Deirdre. Irish Educational Studies , Mar2013, Vol. 32 Issue 1, p83-108, 26p,

Teaching encompasses many different definitions for many different people. Teaching can be viewed in the context of guiding students on how to become confident and respectful learners to allow them to reach their most optimal potential. Teachers are not only tasked with giving them knowledge but also answering their questions by applying specific ...

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