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    Educational Law Paper

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    Interview a school principal, a teacher, and a paraprofessional to determine their understanding of their school's or district's definition of what constitutes negligence and procedures for responding to negligence. Compare and contrast their responses and determine if there are disparities among the three individual responses.

    Write a 750-to 1,050-word paper in which you summarize your findings.

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    A learning community is full of responsibility as well as liabilities. All activities and actions within a given learning community should be handled with the utmost care and diligence. "Duty of Care" is a legal phrase that is vital in understanding a practitioner's obligation to attend to teaching and learning without causing physical or psychological harm to the recipients of the learning experience. I have had the opportunity to not only conduct inquiry from the said practitioners: the principal, the teacher and the practitioner, but to have actually assumed each of the roles of record. The lens of each practitioner is varied and different, as we respond to our world ...

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    What constitutes negligence and procedures for responding to negligence is given.