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Adult Education: Philosophies, Challenges, & Benefits

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I need help organizing and outlining a paper that explains the benefits and challenges of each educational philosophy (Classical, Behaviorist, Progressive, Humanistic, and Radical) as it applies to learning and instruction/training in the workplace. Consider certain contexts such as educational institutions,health care, industry/corporate, and the military.

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Discussion on each of the main five philosophies and how they apply to educational institutions, health care, idustry/corporations, and the military.

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In writing a two-page paper, obviously you are not going to be able to get very in-depth. However, it will provide a good overview of the philosophies to the reader.

One direction you could use is addressing each of the five philosophies and integrate the suggested contexts throughout. I have included an outline below to help give you some ideas and information you can use in writing your paper.

I. Introduction
A. Many philosophies, each has benefits and challenges
B. Let's look at each theory in context
II. Classical
A. Educational ...

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