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    Webcast Challenges in Adult Education

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    Please address the following questions in your response:

    What are some challenges you might face using webcasts and podcasts in adult education?

    What are some strategies you could use to overcome these challenges?

    Use a reference to support your response.

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    Yours is a very good question! Let us first look at the difference between a webcast and a podcast, then discuss the challenges that facilitators and students face when using webcasts and podcasts in adult education as well as the strategies that could be used to overcome these challenges. A webcast is a broadcast of news, entertainment, or education delivered via the Internet/world wide web to a computer at a remote location. This provides the ability for a facilitator to use the Internet to deliver live ...

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    This solution discusses challenges that may be experienced when using webcasts and podcasts in adult education, and provides ideas for strategies that facilitators can use to overcome those challenges.