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    Virtual Distance Training

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    I wrote a paper and I totally approached it as a research paper instead of a proposal. I definitely need help with this one. I need to choose technologies and write around 700 words in an approach that it is a proposal to a boss as to why the technologies would be a good choice to use for virtual (distance) training since the boss has decided not to do in person training at the corporate headquarters to save money on travel expenses. (Example: Blackboard).

    Also included needs to be the cost of each technology selection. Conclude with suggesting the favorite and why it would be most beneficial for training and the company.

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    The virtual distance training environment continues to change the way companies are offering to their employees improving job knowledge. In most recent terms, the usage of online seminars, webinars, and stimulations provides some unique ways that virtual distance training is available for companies to utilized for employees. The webinar technologies can present interactive options for the trainers and trainees ability to facilitating the curriculum as well as training modules. Try and think of virtual distance training as a means for gathering many people in different area of locations and time zones through a collective means; teleconferencing and video conferencing.

    Keep in mind, the virtual distance ...

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    Virtual distance training for research paper proposals are provided. The cost of each technology selections are given.