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    Technology and Young Children

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    Can you help me to construct a discussion post in favor of using technology with young children; after viewing the webcast, 'Technology and Interactive Media as Tools in Early Childhood Programs."

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    There is a role for technology in early childhood learning. Technological advances and early childhood education presented arguments for many people. However, more recently partnerships and learning collaboration, technology and media have become a source for learning in homes and day-care centers worldwide (NEAYC, Webcast). This is because children exposed to computers early demonstrate better preparedness for school.

    There are a few particular promising benefits to favor technology in general, and for persons perhaps with a disability is communication. Using technology may provide consistency, motivation and opportunities for interaction and independence. However, as reviewed and reported by Dr. Donohue's presentation, parents, teachers and educators must balance the learning approach by carefully selecting and figuring out what stimulates the ...

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    The expert provides positive outlooks and benefits when using technology with children's learning. The findings will highlight areas to employ in your classroom along with the NAEYC suggestions.