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New programs within a school system

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Review the website of a school district in your area. Note at least five programs or areas of service that either surprise you or were not a part of the school system you remember. Why do you think these services are now part of the public school system? Should schools assume these responsibilities? Why or why not?

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Five program areas that were not part of the school system I remember are:


Early Childhood Education

Adult Education

School TV station

Child Nutrition Services

The diversity program is designed to help educators make learning culturally relevant, for minority students. This is necessary, as many minority students do not score as well on standardized tests, due to lack of cultural relevance. Relating to learners culturally helps them become more successful as learners. It increases motivation and the desire to learn.

Early childhood education programs are designed to prepare young children for the ...

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New programs within a school system are assessed.

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