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    Substance Abuse - School Programs

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    Defining Your Area of Research Interest

    explore a topic Using sources, locate two published studies (one from a peer-reviewed journal and the other from a government research organization) that relate to any topic to explore. For example, if a person intend to study aspects of prison rehabilitation programs, locate two studies that relate in some way. For example, a person could use a study on the effectiveness of postrelease employment counseling.

    On the basis of research and analysis gathered from the chosen published studies, respond to the following points:
    • Describe the research question that the authors attempted to answer and the way they pursued the answers to these questions in their studies.
    • Summarize the findings of the authors and give your impressions on the findings. Are the authors' findings similar to what you expected?
    • Analyze whether the studies produce results that can be used to improve some aspects of the system.
    • Describe how the methods in the peer-reviewed journal differ from the government-published report.
    • Explain how the studies selected by you relate to the topic that you wish to explore.
    Use references cite sources

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    The topic I have chosen is anaylsing how after-school/ school programs can reduce different forms of crime among students.

    The government article (article 1) chosen is found below:

    The peer article (article 2) chosen is found below:

    • Describe the research question that the authors attempted to answer and the way they pursued the answers to these questions in their studies.

    The research question brought forth by the fist article relates to how effective school-based programs are in the prevention of violent and aggressive behaviour. The process used to answer this question included: "1) forming a systematic review development team, 2) developing a conceptual approach to organizing, grouping, and selecting interventions, 3) selecting interventions to evaluate, 4) searching for and retrieving evidence regarding each intervention, 5) assessing the quality of and abstracting information from each study, 6) assessing the quality of and drawing conclusions about the body of evidence on effectiveness, and 7) translating the evidence on effectiveness into recommendations."

    The second paper aims to research "the effectiveness of an after-school program in preventing delinquency and substance use utilizing the social development model (SDM) as a main guideline for data collection". The way they pursued their study first involved ...

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    This school discusses substance abuse programs offered in schools.