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    Long range information systems plan

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    Read the case study from the 7th edition of Managing Information Technology.
    (The Case Study in the Attachment below)

    The Clarion School for Boys, Inc.—Milwaukee Division: Making Information Systems Investments
    The case study provides an example of the practical and political difficulties encountered in IS planning and also provides an example of assessing current IS resources.

    Develop a detailed outline of a long-range information system plan for Clarion—Milwaukee.

    A long-term plan should include the following sections:

    1.Statement of precise objectives
    2.Analysis of current and future environment, including business, information technology, and user information
    3.Proposed information technology action plan, including hardware, applications, personnel, network, and facilities
    4.Resource and funding needs justification
    5.Implementation plan
    6.Organizational change
    Label each section clearly.

    Note: special consideration should be made to adoption of innovative, emerging, or IT trends.

    All I need is 2-3 pages . Please be sure to incorporate the questions into your responses. And don't forget to cite the references.

    Thank you

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    I am providing an outline of a plan. You should review it first and then add the elements required for each step of the outline based on your knowledge and class notes. If you need further assistance, please ask after you have worked with the outline and added your own information.

    Plan objectives:
    To create better modes of information access, information sharing, and use of systems to increase instructional capabilities.
    Better methods of training for more productive use of system.
    Expanding current system for better access by all members of staff and faculty.
    Integrating new programs with legacy programs in an efficient manner.
    Analysis of current and future environment, including business, information technology, and user information
    The current environment is an expandable AS/400 system that can accommodate more terminals and more information access programs as needed. The current system has positive uses, but negative valid use and limited access by individuals who need to be on the system.
    The future environment calls for upgrades programs that help both staff and instructors increase productivity with the learning environment the business environment, and the social and behavior assessments that the schools needs and uses to help students become productive ...

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    An outline of an IT project based on the supplied case study is given.