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Manufacturing of Goods/History of Labor

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How did the manufacturing of goods and products started? How was it like in America? Were women and children involved?

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In order to write a paper or to discuss technology and labor in America you must start with looking at what was termed "Cottage Industry." This meant that individual families created certain items, i.e. fabric, at home. The entire family had a part in this process.
We move from a Cottage Industry into factories employing people. First factories were built by water ways because the need of water to power gears. With the evolution of the steam engine factories were no longer limited to rivers. They were able to move where they wanted. The use of the steam engine allowed the use of cheaper land and labor. Many river towns saw the loss of individuals because of industries moving from river cities and some became ghost towns.
Many factories began recruiting girls that otherwise would be stuck on a farm away from civilization making it hard to find husbands. Take a look at how young single girls were used in manufacturing.
In New England in the early to mid-19th century, many cotton and textile factories employed large numbers of female adolescent laborers from the New England area. The girls came from families of middling farmers. Factory employment offered an ...

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A brief history outlining the evolution of manufacturing of goods and labor used in the manufacturing of goods. With an emphasis on women and children. References and articles to help with further research.