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    Instructional Aproaches To Reading: Basal Reading, Language-Experience, Integrated Language Arts, Literature-Based, and Technology-Based

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    In one paragraph about each, describe these instructional approaches: a.) Basal Reading Approach, b.) Language-Experience Approach, c.) Integrated Language Arts, d.) Literature-Based Instruction, and e.) Technology-Based Instruction. Compare and Contrast. Conclude with one paragraph in which you justify the instructional approach that you feel is most important in the teaching of reading in the elementary grades.
    (APA style)

    Includes a number of resources and a discussion of pros and cons.

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    Dear Student,

    Greetings and thank you for using BrainMass. I selected your posting because I have a Master's Degree in Reading obtained from University of Northern Colorado in 2011. I must, however, remind you that as a tutor I am not allowed to give you the answers to your assignment. As tutors we are supposed to work one-on-one with you to give you the best possible ideas about how to complete your assignment.

    I will walk you through it step by step. I do want to tell you ahead of time that I cannot, as your assignment, says "justify" which instructional approach is most important. Your instructor wants YOUR opinion and for me to write mine is completing the assignment for you. I will, however, write pros and cons that have been observed with each reading instruction style and then from that information you may form your own opinion. I hope that helps you the best.

    I must begin by saying that it is a very good thing that your instructor wants you to investigate different methods of reading and teaching reading, because there has been debate going on for years and years about what is the "right" way to teach. It is imperative for a teacher to stay up to date on what is research based and what is research-proven to give them the best results. Unfortunately, at times what research says works for reading and teaching reading is not what we, as teachers, are allowed (or given time to do) in the classroom.

    That being said (a brief introduction to the topic), let's get into your assignment piece by piece.

    1. Basal-Reading Approach
    Definition: Basal-Readers "remained the centerpiece of school reading programs for most of the 20th century" (quote borrowed from An Essential History of Current Reading Practices by. Mary Jo Fresch). These programs included large published ...

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    The instructional approaches to reading and language experiences are examined.