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Examing a Basal Series

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If you ask most teachers to describe the type of reading program in their school, they would include the word "balanced," which can imply any combination of a variety of descriptors: whole language and phonics, small group and whole group, guided reading and shared reading, basal textbooks and technology-based resources, etc. It seems that today's publishers include it all in their basal reading programs.

Examine a current basal series. Look at a particular level and discuss the following:

• The interest of the selections
• Comparison of narrative and expository selections
• Kinds of strategies and teaching suggestions presented in the teacher's manual technology integration
• Language experience activities
• Ancillary materials such as transparencies, blackline masters, manipulatives, or workbooks
• Interventions for struggling readers or ELL students.

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The solution examines a current basal series, looking at a particular level and answering relevant questions.

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READ 180 Next Generation - a program that has undergone years of intensive research and development. It reflects the best practices observed in the most successful implementations across the country. A collection of new technology, data analyses, content, and resources, this program is designed to maximize student engagement, teacher effectiveness, and leader empowerment. It represents the best of what is known about how to raise achievement for struggling adolescent readers (Smith, 2010). The beauty of this program is that it offers choice as far as selection and it offers a wide variety of genres. Likewise, it is awesome because the readings are very relevant to life's reality. The material taps into the interests of the students. The manual technology integration students learn auditory discrimination, oral blending, oral segmentation, phonemic ...

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