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Adaptations to reading instruction using basal readers

How can basal/anthology approaches to reading instruction be adapted to meet the needs of students, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of a basal/anthology approach to literacy instruction?

Please make the response at least 200 words.

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Basal readers are textbooks used to teach reading and associated skills to children. Many teachers use this approach for reading instruction.The basal reader approach to reading instruction can be modified to meet student's needs in the way that teachers may use the accompanying materials to help students with differing abilities master basic skills. Examples of some of these materials may be manipulatives such as magnetic letters, letter cards, word cards.Text in many basal readers may also be modified in an ...

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Basal readers can be useful textbooks for teachers to implement reading instruction in their classrooms. There are many advantages and disadvantages to this form of reading instruction. The following solution explains these adavantages and disadvantages as well as adaptations that teachers can make to ensure meaningful reading instruction for their students using the basal reader approach to reading instruction.