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Teaching Literacy Skills to Students with ID

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Discuss the case study of Jacob, Bart, or Carl from the the following article: http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_7749/is_201001/ai_n49422397/.

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The solution examines the case studies of three students with ID and their literacy programs

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The article focuses on 3 success stories of students with ID. The success permeates low level literacy skills rather than site memorization of words. The article summarizes research that included case stories of teachers and students strategies and techniques for teaching literacy skills. The teachers found mixed success and many problems, many behavioral problems and low expectations. Based on the success of the 3 students the article encourages educators to enforce high expectations, intense daily instruction, and individualized plans for each student. The highlight of the article is as follows....
"Jacob, Bart, and Carl all made great strides in their reading abilities because of intense, individualized daily instruction. All three made important progress on phonemic awareness and basic phonics skills. They are currently able to read very simple text independently and are on their way to becoming more fluent readers. However, achieving this success has taken a ...

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