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    Students with Intellectual Disabilities in Literacy and Math

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    As a current or future leader in special education, describe the current research-based instructional strategies, practices, and methodologies for students with intellectual disabilities in literacy and mathematics that you would expect to see utilized by the educators in your district with students who have been identified with intellectual disabilities. In your explanation, ensure you describe the classroom situation, include a description of how you would expect to see the teacher interact with students, and explain how you would characterize students as actively engaged in the learning process.

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    As a leader in special education, some of the current, research-based instructional strategies for students with intellectual disabilities in literacy that I would expect to see utilized by educators include practices, techniques, and methodologies that promote more explicit and system reading instruction models, as well as forms of scaffolding. These tactics are highly beneficial in literacy instruction for students with ID since they better "assist student to manipulate phonemes by overcoming their working memory limitations" (Lemons, Allor, Al Otaiba, & LeJeune, 2016, p. 20). I would also expect teacher to employ a more conceptual model of literacy, one similar to what Browder et al. suggested: "increasing access to literature and increasing students' independence as readers" (p. 21). Granting students increased access literature could also include using more adapted books, creating circle time for read alouds, and other literacy methods to teach "text awareness. Strategies for increasing reading independence include designing explicit reading instruction ...

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