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    Curriculum Guides: Students with Intellectual Disabilities

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    Create curriculum guides for teaching spelling, and mathematics as a reference in a format that will provide you and your professional colleagues with practical information necessary for effective teaching of students with Intellectual Disabilities (ID).

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    Dear Student,

    Here is a start and sample rubrics for curriculum guides for teaching students with intellectual disabilities.
    Good luck.

    For helping students with disabilities learn effectively, a special education teacher will have to think out of the box and be highly creative in making the curriculum "stand out" to the special education students. This may involve using bright colors in high lighting text for students so that they can see it readily.

    Some of the curriculum guides or learning strategies include the following:

    1. Encouraging them to read out loud and slowly, difficult words and connect them to pictures or icons in order for them to know their meanings

    2. Create a check list of steps to complete in order to attack a math word problem or long division questions

    3. Divide math word problems into smaller flash card size single ...

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