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    Curriculum Guides

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    A curriculum guide is a packet of practical ideas for teaching that is written in a convenient format as practical teaching notes for use by either you or your colleagues. It is a how-to guide that covers steps for achieving specific objectives, principles governing behavior, or descriptions of effective teaching strategies, interventions, and accommodations that a special educator can use in the classroom. Curriculum guides might include the title of the strategy or principle, explanation of its educational purpose (goal or objective), task analysis of teacher and student activities, and student assessment procedures.

    Create curriculum guides for teaching reading, writing, spelling, and mathematics as a reference, in a format that will provide you and your professional colleagues with practical information necessary for effective teaching of students with ID.

    Each strategy should be referenced. There should be a minimum of three references for each subject.

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    Curriculum guides can best be described as a road map. Usually by department, guides are completed in a given school to outline how the classes are taught and what material is to be covered. This provided uniformity among classes, so if there are four sections of American history, for example, each student in any of the classes received the same material. Guides do not dictate teaching methodology - so material may be presented differently depending on the teacher, but the material should roughly be the same. Also, curriculum guides are useful for new teachers arriving into a school. Since each school is slightly different in their approach, new staff members depend on the guides to get them up to speed quickly so that they can plan their lesson plans accordingly.

    In addition, teachers will add to the curriculum guides to provide specific input on teaching methodologies, best practices to use in the classroom, state objectives of individual units, provide feedback on past lessons and ...

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    The expert creates curriculum guides for teaching reading, writing, spelling and mathematics as a reference.