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    adaptations of assignments

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    There are many ways teachers can identify ways to help with instruction through providing one-on-one help and extra individual attention. There are many other adaptations out there for teachers to use while they are involved in instruction or also adaptations that can be made to specific assignments.

    As a teacher, can you think of any of these you might you in the classroom or ones you feel might be beneficial for students with certain needs?

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    In a typical classroom setting of various and different learners, teachers are often faced with students that require adaptations of assignments, whether they are special needs, learning a new language, or quicker than their peers. Thus the teacher must find ways to adapt assignments to each child so that they maximize the learning experience of each student according to his or her ability.
    There are several ways in which to accomplish this that may be utilized in a classroom setting where a teacher is also able to continue with the instructing process for the general purpose. The teacher must firstly be aware and familiarized with the different learning styles and multiple intelligences of each child and attempt to target a combination of those so that each child remains interested. The in-class assignments should also reflect these learning styles and intelligences so that each student's qualities ...

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    Various ways for adaptations of assignments are discussed.