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Learning styles in the online environment

My predominant learning styles are verbal, social and solitary. How can a learning style be social and solitary? Please provide some suggestions of what types of learning activities and formats match this learning style?What types of activities, support and interactions could be helpful in order to succeed an online learning environment? Is this learning style atypical from most people?

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I am assuming that you have taken a learning styles inventory and that you have identified the learning styles for yourself that you have mentioned in the posting. It appears that you are confused that your results indicate that your learning styles are both solitary and social. This would appear at first glance to be contradictory, but it actually makes a lot of sense.

You are *social* in that you enjoy the motivation and interaction that occurs in the social setting of a face-to-face class. Being with the other people allows you to learn from the contributions of your peers, and you feed off the energy of others to help keep your own motivation for ...

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Learning styles discussion, focusing on how social and solitary styles can coexist in one learner. Who such a learner might suceed in an online learning environment, and learning activities and adaptations for instruction for such a learner.