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Science/Literacy Dinosaur Lesson for Elementary Students

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Ideas to design a science lesson for elementary students related to dinosaurs are 2nd grade are offered, according to these premises:

1) Learning experiences for 2nd graders (what do I want students to learn in this lesson? what should students be able to do after this lesson?)
2) Life and Social Skills goals
3) Language Arts goals (is there a kids' book that could be integrated into the lesson?)
4) Science goals
5) Mathematics goals
6) Social Studies goals
7) Visual Arts goals (is there a way of creating a model?)
8) What is one objective for the lesson? (What do I want students to be able to do and produce by the end of the lesson?)
9) What academic language is important in this lesson?
10) How will I go about making the academic language accessible to students? What activities will be in place in this lesson to help students to experience, engage, explore, explain, and evaluate their learning?
11) How do I draw on students' prior knowledge?
12) How will I assess student learning?

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800 words of ideas and notes are integrated to guide students toward the creation of a lesson plan that integrates science, math, and language arts into a dinosaur-themed lesson. Brainstorming is offered, not a formal lesson.

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As you design a science lesson for elementary students, I offer some sample ideas for your consideration:

1) Learning experiences for 2nd graders (what do I want students to learn in this lesson? What should students be able to do after this lesson?)

Students will identify specific traits associated with dinosaur types (Science).
Students will briefly compare and contrast dinosaur types. (Science).
Students will recall some historical facts associated with the age of the dinosaurs. (Social Studies)
Students will engage with the text to read for comprehension (L. Arts).
Students will create a Dinosaur Idol trading card to synthesize their new knowledge. (Art/L. Arts).
Using the build a dinosaur link at http://teacher.scholastic.com/activities/dinosaurs/buildadino/
students will apply technology to construct their own dinosaur for their trading card (Technology)
Students will acquire new vocabulary words in context (L. Arts).
Students will utilize movement to perform a "Dinosaur Disco) (PE and Dramatic Arts); they will apply pantomime and roleplaying to simulate that they are dinosaurs before extinction to Jurassic Park music.
Students will discuss and define the concept of extinction (Science).
Students will locate 3 rhyming words from the picture books (L. Arts).
Students will spell the new names of dinosaur types (L. ...

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