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Instructional Technology

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Research is given about the role of instructional technology in the sector of K-12 ESL Education.

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1. As you define instructional technology, please remember that numerous definitions prevail. However, IT focuses on teaching how to plan, develop, evaluate and manage instructional processes designed to facilitate learning. Using theories about how people learn to create effective design systems and instructional materials to encourage learning, IT serves as guide when delivering instruction. For a more theoretical definition, Seels and Richey maintain that IT involves the theories and practices of designing, developing, applying, managing, and evaluating learning processes and resources.

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2. As you create an explanation of the hierarchical relationship among instructional technology, ...

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This posting debates the role of IT in schools.

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Instructional technology is evaluated.

Please help me develop an assessment plan that will evaluate the use of the instructional technologies you have chosen. I have included some of technology guidelines. Include in your narrative an explanation of what constitutes learning success, failure, and how you will know if your final project meets or exceeds your goals.

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