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    Learning theory and instructional technology

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    See the attached file (ABC University) and review program detail and educational experience with ABC University in general and with "Instructional Technology" course specifically. Answer the following question:

    Identify how ABC University integrates 1) Behaviorism and Cognitivism learning theory, 2) instructional technology, and specifically 3) how active and exploratory learning strategies are applied. Give examples that support the strategies and theory interpretation analysis. Total deliverable can be 3-5 pages.

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    There will be three sections to your answer. The first part is on learning theory - behaviourism and cognitivism. If you understand the difference between the two theories, you should be able to spot which has the most influence at ABC University by the teaching methods and educational activities used. For example, behaviourists usually break the material they want to teach in to small chunks, which are then presented in a structured form, with reinforcement provided by feedback. There are some hints that behaviourism may have some influence at ABC University - for example, in paragraph ...