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Personal computer training and theory

This solution briefly examines four principles of androgyny and summarizes how they relate to personal computer training in general. In sum, the core principles of androgyny are overviewed.

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As you outline the core principle of androgyny and what learners need to know, these ideas can help you to formulate your slides:

This source provides a clear definition of Androgyny:

Carpenter-Aeby, T., & Aeby, V. G. (2013). Application of Andragogy to Instruction in an MSW Practice Class. Journal Of Instructional Psychology, 40(1-4), 3-13.

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Title: Definition and Overview

It is typically defined as a theory of learning primarily used for adults, that can help adult learners to "acquire new knowledge in a way that makes sense to the learner and their unique learning strategy" (3).

Slide 2: Historical Summation

In the late 1960s, Malcolm Knowles introduced this European concept to American educators and defined it as "the art and science of helping
adults learn."

Slide 3: Framework
Since its introduction in 1968, andragogy has been described in diverse ways: a theory of adult learn¬ing, a model of ...

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500 words of notes and references briefly summarize some implications of andragogy in Personal Computer Training or any field of adult learning in general.