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    Teacher Learning Outcomes: A Point of View

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    Based on your experience please answer the following:

    1. How did you create instructional experiences that are performance-based and aligned to specific student learning styles?
    2. How did you utilize pedagogical and philosophical theory and practice to make decisions about curriculum and instruction?
    3. How did you employ a number of instructional design models to guide curriculum development that impacts learning in diverse student populations?
    4. How did you observe and measure teaching and learning?
    5. How did you understand where and when to integrate instructional technology for teaching and learning?

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    1. When thinking about performance-based instructional experiences in alignment with students' learning styles, let's start with the teachers. In my experience it is the responsibility of the teacher to know your students. There are many challenges to face in the classroom. Working in secondary education we are accountable to multiple components: administrators, community members (stakeholders) parents and students, and still, we are charged with making yearly academic progress. Our educational system (standardized assessments) is already set and driven by student outcomes. That said, we have to know our students in order to teach them, and then we are better prepared to align them with specific learning styles and make appropriate instructional decisions. Also, remember information can be collected from different methods, though I've learned the best source of information can come from the students. I consider all information as being relevant as it paints a picture about a student's interest, pace and learning style. As we get to know our students, we can capture current abilities and knowledge and design small groups to ensure success for all students.

    2. Pedagogical theory is closely tied to school's curriculum. Pedagogy instructional theory or practices have been used in secondary education for centuries. Certainly, the expectation is the teacher takes ...

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    Over the last several decades school reform has taken on school improvement and school superior grading. Administrators, parents, teachers and students have collaborated to focus on student learning. Teachers are still at the forefront of providing performance-based instructions to students amiss the everchanging environments. The use of pedagogy practices guide curriculum development as teachers spar to select the best instructional method [diverse populations] suitable for all students. The success of school reform reaching a superior grade and school improvement rely on teachers attaining success in classrooms.