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Organizing paper according to the APA format

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Part 1

I need to transfer the knowledge of Bloom's Taxonomy and measurable verbs to an outcome creation activity. I cannot measure "understand," "know," and "demonstrates an understanding."

Based on the area of interest and/or expertise, I need to prepare a paper that provides academic support and appropriate in-text citations, explaining my design of a learning activity targeting any audience and addressing the topic area of my choice (e.g., K-12 math fractions) based on the following guidelines:

Use the Cognitive Learning and Instructional Processes to develop student-centered learning outcomes and potential instructional strategies for transferring content. Determine instructional technology needed for each alternative and identify appropriate assessment methods to determine if the created outcomes were achieved. I would like to have enough information for 4 to 6 pages in delivery.

Part 2

Explain in your own words the difference between "instructional theory" and "learning theory." Discuss the conditions of learning and the role of transfer. Provide examples from your own experience as a teacher or a learner that support your analysis of transfer and the learning process. Maybe 3 to 4 paragrahs in delivery.

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Organize your paper according to the APA format.

Please make sure that the instructional theory and the learning theory are a little different, when you explain them. For this, please consult a good Educational Psychology text's glossary.

That is why I have attached the papers for you.

In terms of discussing the conditions of learning and the role of transfer, one ...

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Organizing paper according to the APA format