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Steps to implementing organizational change

Responsibilities of managers to implement sudden, drastic organizational changes within their scope of responsibility with references APA format

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In its rawest form, management can be delineated as innovative problem solving; which can only be accomplished via the chief utilities of management which are in the stages of planning, organizing, leading and controlling. The projected outcome is to employ organizational resources to achieve their objected mission statement. The typical description is customized to support planning objectives and correspond with their organizing purpose. Leading and controlling can be, and are commonly interchanged. (Bovee, C., Thill, J., Mescon, M., 2007)

In order for management to implement crucial and drastic organizational change the following steps must be made. A crucial first step in management is the planning process. There are four categories for planning: tactical, strategic, contingency and operational. Planning is the continual development of maturing the objectives and mission statement of a company and formatting how to accomplish that goal. The planning phase comprises the widest-ranging visions of a ...

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Step by step solution in how management implements organizational change. 572 words and 2 references in APA format. Here is a small sample of what you will receive: Organizing is instituting internal structure of a company by primarily focusing on the distribution, control and coordination of vital information within a business. It is in this utility that the delegation of the planning process begins. Organizing is a....Thank you for using Brainmass.