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    Implementing a Process Intervention in the Tech Division

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    You are considering implementing a process intervention in the tech division, and you want to learn from others' experience. You go to your team's OD intervention seminar discussion board to raise the following issues:

    What are the types of interventions? Briefly describe each.
    How does employee empowerment maximize employee potential?
    Why is employee empowerment a common cornerstone of organizational development and change programs? How does it create change?

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    The various types of organizational interventions include, but are not limited to the processes described below, as described by New View International (2005). Each type of intervention is accompanied by a description.
    ● Organizational Assessment -This process involves evaluation the organization from various perspectives, such as workplace relationships, work processes, organizational structure and function. It provides a thorough overview of the organization's strengths and weaknesses and identifies any areas of the organization that may require new solutions.
    ● Organization Culture Analysis-This process involves specifically looking at the value systems in place within the organization and how they are reinforced by behaviors and attitudes that the organization has adopted.
    ● Organization Culture Change-This is a process that involves re-examining the attitudes, behaviors and beliefs adopted by members of the organization and changing how members of the organization think. This process can involve a change in how workers and managers view customers or a change in attitudes about the use of new technological tools. It can also ...

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