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Organizational Structure Internal Report Concerns

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Internal report concerning the change that is occurring at Synergetic Solutions. Write an analysis of the issues involved in this simulation. In the analysis, include the following:

? Describe at least three internal and external forces of change for Synergetic Solutions.

? What factors does a leader in this organization need to consider to implement a change strategy successfully?

? Describe at least two change models the leader might employ.

? Evaluate the communication necessary to implement change using these models.

? What kinds of resistance might the leader expect to see in Synergetic Solutions?

? Identify and explain at least five kinds of resistance.

? What strategies might you employ to manage each of these areas of resistance?

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Synergistic Solutions Corp. is a one-stop resource that is dedicated to helping organizations maintain compliance in the areas of people, processes and environmental protection through training, coaching and consulting services. The company provides its clients access to: a) a one-stop resource, compliance programs initiatives & support, and consulting and compliance solutions specifically tailored to their needs.
(http://www.synergesicstraining.com/ourservices.php ).

Specifically, Synergistic Solutions Corp. currently provides consulting in the areas of Staffing and Environmental Health & Safety (EHS). Throughout the process, the company ensures that clients' recruiting and hiring practices comply with EEO and OFCCP (Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs) regulations.

Internal and external forces of change for Synergetic Solutions
Internal Forces:
1. People
With some plans to better meet the needs and expectations of clients, people are a very important force to take into account. People do not only mean the employees in general, they may also include middle as well as top management people. As heads of various units and departments in the organization, middle managers may need to adjust, for the sake of the planned change.
Toward the implementation of the planned change, aspects such as competencies, knowledge, and skills must have to be improved - through trainings and other means.
2. Processes/Technology
To cope with the demands of the clients as to product standards and compliance with government regulations, there may be a need for Synergistic solutions to review and modify its methods or processes. Correspondingly, technological changes may be necessary to facilitate such a change.
3. Structure
Changing some aspects in the people as well as in the processes and the corresponding technology may necessitate some changes in the organizational design that may include levels in the hierarchy and the corresponding leadership and accountabilities.

External Forces
1. Changing needs of business
The company has various forms of clients - with various needs, expectations, priorities, and constraints. These factors are critical areas that need to be taken into account.
2. Economic situation
Implementing change may mean cost - not only on the part of the implementing company but also to the company's clients and customers as well as to its various stakeholders. Because of economic constraints, the implementing company may be limited as to the planned change that must have to be implemtented. Economic ...

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