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Organizational Change: Implementation

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The next project is focused on the three common approaches for implementing changes in an organization. Please provide me with 200-300 words to get me started.



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There are three common approaches for implementing changes in organizations. The first approach is Kurt Lewin's approach to change. This model has three stages namely unfreeze, transition, and refreeze. During the unfreeze stage, the objective is to overcome resistance to change. This is done by motivating the employees to change. The urgency for change is created in this stage. During the transition stage, reassurance and ...

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The answer to this problem explains how organizational change is implemented. The references related to the answer are also included.

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Readiness for Organizational Change

Consider the article:

Shea, C., Jacobs, S., Esserman, D., Bruce, K., and Weiner, B. (2014). Organizational readiness for implementing change: A psychometric assessment of a new measure. Implementation Science, 9(7). doi: 10.1186/1748-5908-9-7

Write a well-written, two paragraph summary of the article. Include the following:

A paragraph summarizing the primary components of the article.
A paragraph presenting your analysis of the article and how it is related to our reading this week about assessing organization readiness for change.

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