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    Information Systems and Healthcare Organizations

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    Take a position on the following statement:

    Information systems will fundamentally change the ways in which healthcare organizations are structured.

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    Successfully implementing patient care information systems (PCIS) in health care organizations is a difficult task. After critically examining the very notions of ‘success’ and ‘failure’, and after discussing the problematic nature of lists of ‘critical success- or failure factors’, three myths often hamper implementation processes. First of all, the implementation of a PCIS is a process of mutual transformation: the organization and the technology transforms each other during the implementation process. When this is foreseen, PCIS implementations can be strategically intended to help transform the organization. Second, such a process can only get of the ground when properly supported by ...

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    This solution the implementation, risk and benefits of patient care information systems to provide the student information for building an argument about how information systems in general will affect healthcare. This solution is 422 words.