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    Health Services Organizations and Management

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    1. Managers describe their work in terms of generic management functions (planning, organizing, staffing, etc.), by the activities or tasks they perform (hiring, firing, etc.), by the ends they seek to achieve (profitability, quality health care, etc.), by the issues or problems they deal with (government, accreditation, etc.), or by the knowledge and skills they use (computer, finance, speaking, etc.). Describe examples pertinent to health services organizations of each way managers describe "what they do."

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    ***Also consider looking into Operations Management - healthcare is in a state of transformation and the operations manger is a crucial position if the healthcare organization is to succeed.

    ***Discuss the financial acumen because it is of great importance in today's environment. Healthcare is a 1 trillion dollar industry and operations managers must balance many competing stakeholders not only the patient but also the board of directors, physicians, payers and regulatory bodies.

    ***Also the medical industry as a whole could learn a few lessons from the manufacturing industry that as a whole has been through much the same changes in the 1980's that the medical industry is currently experiencing. One lesson learned is that asking employees to work harder is not the answer. What healthcare needs is to improve their operations through improved operational methods. For example, get patients in to see the respective provider in a timely manner, and addressing all of the issues in an individual encounter.

    ***Discuss the changes happening - Healthcare it is in a state of enormous change and is faced with economic, regulatory, and technological and consumer pressures that must be addressed in order for the industry to fulfill its mission.

    ***Tackle what is likely the least efficient part of any hospital -- the emergency room.

    ***The essential healthcare management functions are organized into three major groups of activities governing, caring, and learning with a focus on reaching excellence in community healthcare.

    Healthcare is being asked to provide high quality care with increased efficiency yet the patient population believes they are not receiving quality care. McCleave (1996) states that health care managers should look to manufacturing operations for ideas to improve quality and productivity in their organizations.

    The present environments for healthcare organizations contain many forces demanding unprecedented levels of change. These forces include changing ...

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