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Financial Management in Healthcare

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What do you know and understand about financial management in health service organizations. Identify what your assumptions are; explore if you may have any biases related to your assumptions. Question your assumptions. Provide examples that influence your assumptions.

Compare and contrast your assumptions and biases with the content. Were there changes, confirmations, further delineations, etc.? Provide rationales (from the content) that support your evaluation.

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One of the things that I know and understand about financial management and health service organizations, is that financial management can be very complicated and difficult in these types of organizations, largely due to the fact that these organizations depend upon their patients' insurance providers to pay for a large percentage of their patient services in a timely manner. This causes the financial managers and or accountants within health services organizations to have to keep careful records of what is owed by each patient, and when these payments will be received. Another thing that I know and understand about financial management in health service organizations, is the fact that financial management in these organizations requires diligence ...

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