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Financial Management

Details: You recognize that your contribution to the organization would improve if you joined an association for healthcare finance professionals.

Write a memo suggesting some healthcare management associations you can join.

Use the Library and web resources to explore various healthcare professional organizations in finance, auditing, compliance, or other related entities, which would increase your knowledge in the listed areas through membership. In the proposal, include the purpose of the organization and benefits the company would receive from your participation.

Objective: Discuss methods for planning, forecasting, and managing healthcare finances.

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// First of all, we will search the healthcare management associations and will find the benefits of joining them. I am choosing some of the associations; you are free to select other associations for your response. We will also discuss the improvement in the employees' contribution towards the organization.



From: ABC

Sub.: Healthcare Management Associations

Date: October 21, 2009.


In the contemporary environment, the healthcare originations are facing a rapid change. The change in the environment is causing reduction in the customers and time and also increasing cost of the organizations. There are various healthcare ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 409 words with references.