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Develop a personal strategic plan will help me achieve goals

Develop a personal strategic plan will help me achieve goals. My goal is to have an executive manager position in a major corporation or in Healthcare Management.

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Begin planning as early as possible for a career in healthcare management. A good scholastic record is important?especially since you'll want to attend a graduate program for a master's degree or doctorate.

Bachelor's degree: A bachelor's degree is enough for some entry-level positions in health administration, a few senior-level positions in smaller operations, and for some middle management jobs in larger organizations. Many schools and colleges offer undergraduate degrees with a concentration in health services management. The purpose of a baccalaureate education in this area is to provide the initial education for professional careers in health services management. The Association of University Programs in Health Administration provides a list of undergraduate programs that are certified to provide undergraduate health administration education. However, an undergraduate degree in health services management is not required to become a health services manager or to enter into a health administration graduate program. Degrees in other areas, such as business, nursing, or liberal arts, may also qualify you.

Master's degree: A ...

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The expert develops a personal strategic plan to help a goal be achieved.