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Strategic thinking variables

Linkow tells us "In this rapidly changing world with tight--and getting tighter--resources, the capacity to make and execute strategy is a source of competitive advantage. Organizations that don't have strategic competence embedded in their infrastructures will fall behind" (1999, p. 37). In his article, Linkow identifies several thinking competencies that are common in great strategic thinkers:
- reframing
- scanning
- abstracting
- multivariate thinking
- envisioning
- inducting
- valuating (p. 35)

Select 2 of these competencies and in your response:

Define each competency using Linkow's work and other sources you discover in your research.
Discuss the impact achieving a high degree of skill in these competencies can have on an organization's growth.
Select a business leader that has exhibited either one or both of these competencies and give an example to support your thoughts.
Talk about how this information can be helpful to your team as they change the business plan.
Describe how personal integration of this information can increase your effectiveness as a team member.

Linkow, P. (1999). What gifted strategic thinkers do? Training & Development, 53(7), 34. Retrieved from EBSCOhost.

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One of the competencies of great strategic thinkers is scanning, which is the ability to analyze a given situation, and the internal and external variables that have an effect on a given situation, in order to be able to make the determination as to the best method by which to approach solving a given problem, etc. Envisioning is the competency of being able to creatively develop a vision in one's mind, of how to develop a productive outcome from a given situation, as well as the ability to envision the steps that one would take in order to effectively bring out this positive outcome. ...

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